Since innovation rhymes with technology, we put our know-how and 30 years of experience at the service of the manufacture of injectable medical devices.
We manufacture gels based on hyaluronan or other biopolymers and may incorporate APIs to improve their characteristics or performance.

We work with natural or modified polymers. We practice our own cross-linking modifications based on the IntexHya technology.

Our manufacturing skills can be illustrated by the following:

  • GMP manufacturing

    Our controlled manufacturing environment and good manufacturing practices ensure the level of safety required by the most demanding regulatory requirements.

  • Formulation

    Our formulation methods and batch sizes are sized on an economically viable scale, always guaranteeing a reliable, repeatable and economical result.

  • Fill & Finish

    We precisely master filling, candling, sterilization and packaging, which are intrinsic components of our manufacturing process.

  • Sterilization

    Our sterilization cycles are custom-developed and rigorously validated to achieve the targeted product performances while guaranteeing the sterility of medical devices.

  • Analytical Controls

    We rigorously analyze the physicochemical properties of your products to certify compliance, at the end and throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Quality

    Swiss quality is around the corner at every stage of our supply chain, framed by a quality management system certified ISO 13485 by SGS in Geneva.

We manufacture your product

Value-added technology

Our choice is to rely on high quality hyaluronic acid, of natural origin or modified by cross-linking, always highly purified. When combined with our proprietary manufacturing technology, we are confident in the added value we bring to the development and implementation of your products.

Syrhatech - assets

We rely on strong skills and experience to provide you with medical devices of high performance and safety. Like hyaluronic acid, other biopolymers can be integrated into our manufacturing processes after a controlled and rigorous process of technical transfer, customization of the formulation, industrialization and validation.

ISO 13485 SGS

All of our laboratory and formulation work as well as our manufacturing are carried out in accordance with the ISO13485 standard, and the certification of our quality system is carried out annually by SGS®.  This international system is  used extensively in the world and is recognized as reliable in the medical profession.

Do you have a project? We put our expertise at your service, to achieve it from A to Z.

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